KandyPens Galaxy Review

KandyPens Galaxy Review

The Kandypens Galaxy has gained so much popularity in the vaping world. You might have heard or seen ads about this vaporizer pen. It has been on the market for quite some time with the recent release of new accessories that can definitely improve the overall design and performance of this amazing vape pen. 

The new Tornado atomizer gives vape users the option to adjust airflow. It has a carb hole that improved its mouthpiece that allows collecting of vapor out of the vape pen after a hit. Vaping is made smoother and easier with the major improvements from the previous version of Galaxy. It is worth giving it a comprehensive review so consumers are well-oriented about this vape product. 

If you are planning to purchase this product, it is worth checking on the best features and specs, as well as its advantages and drawbacks. Allow us to share the best Kandypens Galaxy review with these easy-to-follow sections:   

  1. KandyPensTemperature Control 
  2. Built and Design
  3. Vapor Quality and Vape Performance
  4. Battery Life
  5. Convenience and Portability
  6. Accessories


Let’s start learning about KandyPens Galaxy today! 


  1. KandyPensTemperature Control 

When it comes to power on this vaping device, it is done in a similar way like turning on an e-cigarette. Just simply tap the power button 5 five times quickly. Now, that’s simple and easy! 

Once you get acquainted with your new device, you’ll find out that there are actually 3 varying temperature settings you can set. By simply tapping the power button thrice rapidly, you can cycle it in between different heat levels. The light indicator glows either red (low setting), green (medium setting), or blue (high setting). 

It seems that they all have the same temperature with minimal differences. Most users prefer setting their Galaxy in the low or red. Many find the low setting satisfactory, without having to go higher after several testing. It’s a nice option to be able to choose the best setting depending on your preference.  

The LED glows on the bottom of the Galaxy vape. It is pretty bright that can draw attention from others, so some users wish it has the option to be turned off. While you can easily hide it by holding the battery in such a way that it’s not pretty obvious, it would be a plus point to disable it for discreet situations. 


  1. Built and Design 

The built and design of this vape pen is best observed by starting from the bottom going up. The overall design is modern and stylish. When it comes to the battery, it is pretty small with 510 threading. 

The Galaxy Tornado Atomizer with an adjustable airflow is a dual quartz rod atomizer. It allows adjusting the amount of airflow entering the vaping device. As compared to the previous Galaxy atomizer withdraw resistance, the new Tornado atomizer provides an open airflow. 

The old vape mouthpiece did not have a carb hole, while the new mouthpiece includes this feature. This is helpful in clearing out any vapor left in the chamber after you are finished hitting the KandyPens Galaxy. You also have the option to take your finger off the carb hole momentarily to allow some air to enter and combine with your vapor as you take big hits from the device. 


  1. Vapor Quality and Vape Performance

The two new atomizers come with the Galaxy special edition that can hold the same amount of material respectively. However, loading too much of your favorite concentrate may cause uncomfortable vapor. It can also create atomizer issues when overfilled like any other vaporizers.  

It is best to load about 0.1 to 0.15 ml of concentrate into the atomizer. A chamber loaded with your desired concentrate can already produce about 7 to 10 good hits based on our testing. Both atomizers are efficient in vaporizing different concentrates, producing satisfying and large vapor clouds. 

Once you start using the new KandyPens Tornado atomizer, you’ll realize that it should be its standard atomizer. You’ll be impressed with the adjustable airflow because it is more comfortable to use. Say goodbye to restricted draw resistance and say hello to open airflow and unrestricted vaping! 


  1. Battery Life 

One outstanding quality of the Galaxy is its good battery life. Despite the fact that the battery is quite small, the battery has a longer lifespan than other vaporizers. It is charged with a 510-thread charger that you can plug into a USB port or socket. The device can last 2 to 3 hours after a full charge.  


  1. Convenience and Portability

The KandyPens is portable. You can keep it easily inside your pocket or bag. It is similar to the size of a standard 510 e-cigarette. It comes with a nice carrying case so you can safely transport your KandyPens Galaxy than just simply carrying it around by itself. Indeed, it is convenient to use and the portability is excellent, most especially if you’re a traveler or always on the field. 


  1. Accessories 

The KandyPens Galaxy kit is simple and it provides everything you need. You’ll surely enjoy your vaping experience with all these great extras. Enjoy the additional accessories such as:  

  • Galaxy Mouthpiece 
  • Carrying Case 
  • Galaxy 510 Threaded Battery 
  • Concentrate Tool 
  • Tornado Atomizer 
  • Charger 
  • Upgraded Mouthpiece (Carb Hole) 


Now, we can make a quick conclusion of this KandyPens Galaxy review through the following: 


  • Excellent vapor production 
  • Longer than standard battery life 
  • Efficient and effective adjustable airflow (Tornado atomizer) 
  • Eliminates draw resistance (carb hole mouthpiece) 
  • Modern and sleek design 



  • Bright LED indicators 


Final Verdict 

The KandyPens Galaxy is generally a great vaporizer pen. The Quartz coils are awesome because they offer large concentrate hits. Most especially when you’re on the go. Now, you are more confident to buy your new vaporizer because you are more knowledgeable fo the features and benefits to look for. You can take your Galaxy anywhere, anytime, making a great companion for a stealth concentrate vape. Enjoy vaporizing with your new KandyPens Galaxy!